Yesterday we buried my nan, here’s the eulogy I read at the service:

When we look around our today we see that although Nan has died she is still with us in many different ways. Some of us look like her; others have inherited some characteristic of hers, yet more of us have a personality like hers. None of us though have that unique combination that made Nan so very special.

You can check the meaning of the word Nan in any dictionary but you won’t find words to describe ours. Our Nan was so special, you see, that only those who loved her could find words to say how wonderful she was.

As children we thought that there was nobody like our Nan. She was the one who always stood up for us. She was the one who knew all our secrets. She was the one who was always delighted to see us. We were grown up before we realised how lucky we were.

She gave us an ideal childhood, the sort you read about in fairy tales. Visits to her were magical times where we could dress up in old-fashioned clothes, help with the Sunday roast, read our comics or go shopping for special treats. No matter how old we grew we were never too old for her welcoming hug.

Love was her trademark. Everywhere we went we knew that she was there waiting to hear from us, wishing us all the best. As we grew older there was a wonderful sense of security in knowing that we could always pick up the phone and that she would be thrilled to hear from us.

Nan was all that was best about family .

There is no doubt that she was well loved. The numbers of people here today are a tribute in themselves. They are a tribute to her as a wonderful mother, sister, grandmother, neighbour, and cherished friend. We will all miss her sadly.

Nan helped everyone. She helped so many people that nobody could keep a count of her activities. Yet she always had time to talk to us. Nan was the most self-less, giving person you ever likely to meet who never liked anyone making a fuss over her.

To Granddad, she was everything. A cheerful and loving companion who was a tower of strength during their difficult times. Nan and Granddad’s love for each other was a shinning example to us all.

We’ll miss Nan on family occasions. We’ll miss her when something good happens. We’ll miss her when we are sad.

Nan’s are special and none was more special than ours.

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