TJ’s party was great, had a real laugh but I’d like to apologize to those they noticed my mixing really sucked that night. Oh well – sometimes things just work out that way. I’d like to thank Koan for bringing her recording gear but it would have been a waste of 1s and 0s that evening. Keep the parties going TJ!

For those of you who think I’m strange in preferring to prepare for a gig over a night out at the local curry deserve an explanation. , especially the kind, is a great passion of mine and when combined with the buzz and adrenaline rush associated with DJing live nothing really compares.

d4%20copy DJing @ TJs
These days I take the opportunity to DJ live with both hands. The days of spinning tunes till 3am several times a week I’m afraid are probably over for me – unless there are any promoters out there? I just cant be bothered with the leg work these days – I just wanna play tunes.

d7%20copy DJing @ TJs
I’ve just got my self a copy of Cakewalk and might have a go at remixing this winter or incorporating more live sampling/remixing in some of my online sets. Plus I promise I’ll get the webcams over looking my 1210s soon. I might even splash out on this sampler – check out these demo videos – amazing stuff.

mix DJing @ TJs