Pre-X05 excitement reaches melting point… promises ‘awesome’ announcement

halo3 310 1 Is this the first shot of Halo 3?

A screenshot that purports to be the first ever image of 3 is today causing rampant speculation as to whether intends to unveil the game this week.

Microsoft’s annual press extravaganza X05 kicks off this week in Amsterdam, where it has been rumoured that Halo’s next-gen debut would be unveiled.

However, most credible sources suggest that the screenshot in question is a fake. It also seems that Halo 3 – due to be released at the same time as 3 – being at X05 is little more than wishful thinking.

Indeed, Halo developer Bungie stated on Friday, “Keep your eyes peeled next week for a surprising, cool, awesome Bungie-related announcement. No, it is not Halo 3, nor is it the surprise revelation of our next project (whatever that may be) but it’s sweet.”