[Via AllHeadline News]

March 19, 2006 12:00 p.m. EST

Joanna Wypior – All Headline News Staff Reporter

London, England (AHN) – An apparent shortage of high definition television sets have upset viewers who want to prepare for this summer’s World Cup tournament with the best of what is offered in high quality entertainment.

According to the BBC, the tournament had been expected to showcase HDTV but a Screen Digest study says a decoder chips shortage means the opportunity will be “partly missed”.

HDTV provides a sharper image than the current standard television picture.

Analyst Vincent Letang, who lead the Screen Digest study says the delay is only short-term.

He says: “The World Cup in Germany was supposed to be the perfect kick-start for HD in Europe and its full thrust will be partly missed, but this does not jeopardize the introduction of HDTV.”

The World Cup, the world’s largest soccer tournament, kicks-off in Germany June 9th with billions of worldwide television viewers expected to watch the games.