I thought i’d put together a review of the mods I use as I get asked about them all the time. /w me if you have any more questions. Also post your UIs.


Auctioneer – the most essential trading mod. Scan AH everyday. I have 2 years worth of stats!
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow – vital if you craft
Solid’s Customized BtmScan – this is my custom mod that purchases bargains for immediate profit
CT_MailMod – ideal for mass mailing your bank
EquipCompare – makes new purchase easier

SW_Stats – i use this and damage meters doing raids to check my Dps
Damage Meters
Scrolling Combat Text & Damage – combined with DHUD i can see what happening immediately
KLHThreatMeter – use to monitor my threat so i dont grab aggro
CCWatch – helps monitor my stuns
Deadly Boss Mods – my perferred Raiding mod
CT_RaidAssist – kept for old time sake
EnemyCastBar – with CCWatch i can keep track of debuffs and interrupt casts
DHUD – i just love HUDs, some may disagree

X-Perl – *the* raiding unit frame UI, works with several other mods
Titan – use this to track certain stats
WIM – instant messager for /w
vBagnon – combined bag interface with filtering & search
TipBuddy – improved tooltips
SuperInspect – for checking my fellow rogue gear
MobInfo2 – extended info on mobs
MetaMap – my map mod – has all quest/npc locations loaded & waypoints
CT_Viewport – used to create lower black area
CT_BuffMod – tracks my current buffs
QuestRepeat – handy for rep handins
simpleMinimap – improved minimap
ItemRack – allow fast item/weapon set changes

PoisonPouch – handles my poisions
Jubei AEP – calculates the AEP of items and shows in tooltip.

solidui Solids World of Warcraft mods and UI