The best way to determine if your computer’s (or router’s) is working and optimized is to effectively try to penetrate it. Browser-based utility ShieldsUP! tests your firewall for vulnerabilities and kinks in your computer’s defense.

500x custom 1270662951473 ports 01 Test your firewall with ShieldsUP!

After you give ShieldsUP! permission to run tests on your computer and choose a test type, it looks for weaknesses and openings that hackers and intruders can use to attack your machine. You can test in five different categories: file sharing, common ports, all service ports, messenger spam, and browser headers. When a test completes, ShieldsUP! will displays the results and offer suggestions for how you can improve your , with detailed explanations. It’s a good tool for evaluating your computer’s and determining whether you need to amp up your computer’s defenses.