wargames 01 Raising an Army of Hackers

The U.S. Department of Defense has opted to raise a federally backed militia of computer nerds to hack into the Pentagon in order to test its defenses. Prompted by a rise in nations like , Iraq, and Russia that are encouraging their citizens to obtain skills, the United States is sending off many programmer’s and engineers to take classes on how to attack the Pentagon, and any corporate or private network. The Department of Defense is also paying to get members of its security staff certified as “White Hat Hackers” by the E Commerce Consultants Council, who certify hackers so that they can find work and companies can find trustworthy hackers to help with network security.

China, for example, who at the moment has 400,000 hackers that are informally utilized by the , began with the “Net Force” organized by the Chinese Defense Ministry in the late 1990s. They focused on examining the Internet vulnerabilities of other countries such as the United States. They were soon joined by a civilian militia called The Red Hackers Union would attack anyone who had threatened or insulted China. They are now monitored under the watchful eye of the government which frequently suggests staying away from certain subjects, unless anyone feel likes being publicly arrested. The trick for the United States, whose 11 million Internet users perpetually attract the attention of hackers, is to think, and operate, like the enemy.