Must have Visual Studio 2008 Tips

Tip #1 – Behold the power of incremental search

Tip #2 – Customize Find in FilesRegistry edit to simply Find results window

Tip #3 – How not to accidentally cut/copy a blank line

Tip #4 – How to open a file without any UI

New Visual Studio 2010 features

Make sure to follow the new Visual Studio 2010 tip of the day with Zain!

Tip #5 – How to use Multi-line edit

Tip #6 – How to insert files from Right to Left in File tab channel

Tip #7 – Automatic Highlighting of Symbols

Tip #8 – IntelliSense “Sub-String” and Pascal Casing searching

Tip #9 – IntelliSense consume first / suggestion mode

Tip #10 – They Fixed the VB Smart tag bug

Press Ctrl+<period> to invoke smart tag, but now in VB, the first option in list is automatically selected, so you can simply hit <Enter> without having to first press the down arrow.

Tip #11 – New HTML and JavaScript Code Snippets

Tip #12 – Improved Outlining Collapsing / Expanding

In VS2010, you can select anywhere within the code block to collapse the region. You no longer have to click just the ‘-‘ box in the outlining margin to collapse the region.

Tip #13 – Navigate To

Tip #14 – Call Hierarchy

Tip #15 – Mutli-monitor Support

You can now drag out file tabs from the file tab channel and treat them like tool . Also, both these file tabs and tool will listen to WindowsKey + Arrow to snap to the monitor’s edge. use ctrl+DoubleClick to put either file or tool window back within Visual Studio in the “tabbed document” state.

Tip #16 – Zoom / Ctrl+Mouse Wheel

Tip #17 – The New and Improved Datatips

Tip #18 – Labeling and Sharing Breakpoints

Tip #19 – Getting Started with IntelliTrace

Tip #20 – WPF visualizer

Visual Studio Extensions

Tip #21 – How to Install Extensions

Tip #22 – Walkthrough of a few extensions

Tip #23 – Getting started writing your own extensions

Tip #24 – How to search project templates

Tip #25 – Add Reference Dialog Improvements