For the folks this is one heck of a great feature:  The Call Hierarchy.  It allows you to visualize all calls to and from a selected method, property, or constructor.  To see how it works just right-click on any method, property, or constructor in the and select View Call Hierarchy:

Notice there are “Calls To” and “Calls From” areas related to your selection.  You can expand them out:

When you click on a node in the tree, the Call Sites window updates so you can visit the call if you want to:

You can continue expanding the hierarchy to see more “Calls To” and “Calls From” information:

The best part is you can right-click on a symbol and get all kinds of options:

Here are some options you may come across:

Context Menu Item Description

  • Add As New Root  - Adds the selected node to the tree view pane as a new root node.
  • Remove Root – Removes the selected root node from the tree view pane. This is available only from a root node. You can also use the Remove Root toolbar button to remove the selected root node.
  • Go To Definition – Runs the Go To Definition command on the selected node

c9e2f74005mage 4.png Using the Call Hierarchy (C# Only)   Visual Studio 2010

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