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Mixing Languages in a Single Assembly in Visual Studio seamlessly with ILMerge and MSBuild

Learning .NET debugging

Using the Call Hierarchy (C# Only) – Visual Studio 2010

Displaying Queries/Stored Procedures from Threads Running Managed Code

Connections from Pool

Automated .NET Hang Analysis

Introducing the new features of .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

VS 2010 Keyboard Shortcut Posters for VB, C#, F# and C++

Logging trapped exceptions with ASP.NET health monitoring

Tool for visualizing virtual memory usage and GC heap usage.

Download and Share Visual Studio Color Schemes

Using the Code Snippets Manager

How to Import and Export Breakpoints in Visual Studio 2010

Dumping out current and recent ASP.NET Requests

Quick WinDbg/SOS tip on how to dump all the .NET exceptions on the heap

Registry Access Changes in .NET 4.0

Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery

ASP.NET 4.0 Features

The Fast Guide to Application Profiling

A Branching strategy for Scrum Teams

Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft has Testing Tools?

Performance of Concurrent Collections in .NET 4

Retrieving queries/stored procedures from .NET application using WinDBG

Why threading is hard

Getting started with Visual Studio 2010 ALM Features


Man ‘beats’ Bejeweled 2 after playing for 3 years

Download Xbox Live Content to More than One Xbox

Belkin intros n52te SpeedPad gaming keyboard

Halo: Reach Beta intro

Birth of a Spartan – XBox 360 Halo Reach

Gamers Refuse to Turn Off Xboxes, Keep Playing ‘Halo 2′ Online

The XNA Role Playing Game Starter Kit

Another NVIDIA GTX 480 quad SLI test surfaces

Sony PS3 upgraded with cooler 45-nm RSX graphics chip, profits await


The Storm Worm

Inserting javascript into DNS name lookups

How many ways are there for dodgy installation in Windows Registry?

What Hackers Learn that the Rest of Us Don’t

Vicnum – Lightweight Vulnerable Web Application

The Conscience of a Hacker AKA The Hacker’s Manifesto By The Mentor

Top 10 Ways to Access Blocked Stuff on The Web

Russian Hacker Selling 1.5 Million Facebook Accounts


James Bond on a budget

James Bonds Licence expired

Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator

Sometimes A Gif Is So Good That I Literally Repost It

Blue Screen of Death aboard the Enterprise

Show your female geek love with iPhone chocolates

if you can’t make it good…

The Torrent of Legend

Keyboard ideal for developers

20 magic trick videos

The 4-port chicken burger USB hub

That Lost 4G Phone

Save Time Mowing your Lawn

Creepy disembodied robot mouth


BPM Analyzer Calculates the BPM of Your Music and Adds Tags

7 Soothing iPhone Apps to Help You Relax

Spotify finally becomes the social music player you’ve always dreamt of

Top 10 Remote Control and Streaming Tools

Enjoy Soothing Full Screen Ambiance at MoodTurn

Sound Sleeping Helps You Mix Custom Sleep Tracks

Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music’s Metadata into Shape

Sourcetone Cranks Out Tunes Based on Your Mood

Beat Your MP3 Tags Into Shape with These MediaMonkey Scripts


BMX bike wall of death

Wake up overlooking the sea

Amazing optical illusion with flames.

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

What an oil slick looks like from space

Inside NASA’s world-class supercomputer center

Stages of a photographer

Meet Einstein, the world’s smallest horse

Adebis Photo Sorter Organizes Unmanageable Photo Collections


WCF Security Guidance

Netalyzr Determines Your Network Health

How Do I: Improve Cryptographic Security by Storing Keys in Containers?

Akira Remotely Controls Computers Using Dropbox

Internet Survival Guide for Traveling Where Privacy Isn’t Respected

Ad-Aware Now Scans Outlook Email, Removes Rootkits

PortableTor Protects Your Privacy from Your Thumb Drive

Home Anti-Virus is Completely Free, as it should be


Microsoft’s “mind reading” patent

Top 10 Google Apps Marketplace Apps

Logitech’s VX Nano: the VX Revolution’s little brother

Use Dropbox for More Than Just File Syncing

Surf the web in comfort, laptop on lap

Top 10 Windows 7 Booster Apps

Chrome OS like lightning from a USB key

Do You Really Need More Than 4GB of RAM?

The Three Most Important Outlook Rules for Processing Mail

Guide to 64-bit vs. 32-bit Operating Systems

Set Up a Fully Automated Media Center

Five Best Windows 7 Tweaking Applications

Send to Google Docs Uploads Files and Web Screenshots

Windows Maintenance Tips: The Good, Bad, and Useless

How to Declutter and Streamline Your Google Reader Inbox

Wi-Fi digiframe with its own e-mail address

Monitoring Application Pool and Application Restarts

50+ New Tools for Torrenting

Top 10 Outlook Boosters

Dell laptop battery stop charging – charger not detected

19 Tips Every Windows 7 User Needs to Know

Acer laptop

The Beginner’s 10-Minute Guide to Setting Up Ubuntu

10 Awesome Safes

The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You’re Not Using

The State of Web Development 2010

How Do I Setup a One-Way File Sync Backup?

Free your Document Windows – Visual Studio 2010

Ten Must-Have Gmail Filters

Make the Most of Your Multiple Monitors in Windows 7

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine Offs Your Online Identity

Official Google Reader Notifier for Chrome Tells You About Unread Items

Your Visual Studio 2010 Dream Machine

The WedgePad: You know, a wedge for your iPad

The iPhone Can’t Quite Handle 9Gs

Avatar fast becoming the most pirated Blu-ray movie of all time

KillProcess Terminates Multiple Processes In One Click

TechPosters Archives Tech-Oriented Posters and Cheat Sheets

OverDisk Displays Your Disk Usage as a Radial Map

Top 10 Google Settings You Should Know About

Enhance Remember The Milk for Google Chrome

10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life

Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

Inbox2 Desktop Combines and Task-ifies Your Email and Social Networks

Run Your Own Free Proxy Through the Google App Engine

Archive Binge Steadily Catches You Up on Web Comics

FastestFox Speeds Up Common Searching Tasks for Chrome

Best DVD-Ripping Tool: Handbrake

This Art Lebedev mug shows your caffeine power level

View exactly what the Facebook Graph API is exposing

Pin a project to the Recent Projects list – Visual Studio 2010

Geek.Menu Organizes Your USB Applications

SpyMe Tools Tracks Changes to Your Windows Registry

Top 10 DIY Projects for an Extra Day Off

Automate BitTorrent Downloads

Self-Destruction Button returns in miniaturized form

Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD Makes Special Characters Easy to Paste

UK ISP Spots a File-Sharing Loophole, Implements It

Ant Renamer is a Lightweight but Powerful Renaming Utility

RamISP Grabs RSS Feeds for Google Chrome Users [RSS]

Pdfcrowd Converts Web Sites and HTML Code to PDF Documents

Brain-computer interface for Second Life

Device Doctor is a Free Driver Update Scanner with Promise

View Thru for Chrome lets you instantly see through any short URL

SearchMyFiles is a Powerful, Portable File Search Utility

x264 now encodes Blu-ray-compatible video

Is IIS 6 PAE aware?

Salesforce And VMware Partner To Launch Enterprise Java Cloud Platform VMforce

Five Best Disk Defragmenters

The Master List of New Windows 7 Shortcuts

Change the Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper

The Complete Guide to Fixing Google Contacts

Google Adds 3D Earth like view To Maps

Gizmodo-iPhone Debacle Gets More Complicated With Police Intervention

10+ free Windows programs for your small or home business

How to Analyze, Clean Out, and Free Space on Your Hard Drive

Core i7 MacBook Pro Could Make Water Boil

TradingSim Lets You Dabble with Day Trading Risk-Free

iPad x-rayed, everything looks fine

Use Gmail Canned Responses to Automate Remember the Milk Tasks

How to Automatically Clean and Organize Your Desktop, Downloads, and Other Folders

How to Investigate a Fake BitTorrent Tracker

The Complete Guide to Ripping and Converting Flash Videos

Sony to stop manufacturing Floppy discs after 30 years

Dock Your iPhone In Last Century’s Technology

Masochist Runs Windows XP On an iPad

Use Office 2010 to map a local drive letter to your free 25GB Live SkyDrive

What if I had bought Apple stock instead? Can Edit Photos and Turn You Into a Cartoon

DeskHedron Adds 3D Virtual Desktop Eye-Candy to Windows

Gantter Does Project Management in Your Browser

PDFMyURL Saves Web Sites as PDF Files

Create a Hotkey to Paste Plain Text in Microsoft Word

SyncToy 2.1 Update Speeds Up Windows File Syncing

The Easy, Any-Browser, Any-OS Password Solution

MakeMKV Rips DVDs and Blu-Rays With Just Two Clicks

Easy Peasy is a Lightweight Linux Distro Optimized for Netbooks

Wire Your House with Ethernet Cable

Copy Without Formatting Strips Text Formatting in Google Chrome

Best Windows 7 Tweaking Application

Set Up Your Loved Ones with the Best Tech Tools for Keeping in Touch

SoupToys Is Endless Desktop Fun for Your Child, May Decrease Your Productivity

How to pin multiple folders to your Windows 7 taskbar

Scott’s Gmail Alert 4.0 Only Notifies You When You Want It To

Samsung i8910 HD runs 62 apps at once, multitaskers bow their heads

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