Hot on the heels of UK pricing for the WiFi and WiFi + 3G comes carrier Orange with 3G data pricing for the cellular-enabled version of the tablet.

Unlike in the US, where carrier AT&T offers a $29.99 unlimited 3G data package (and a $14.99 250MB package), Orange UK have a range of pay-per-use and pre-pay bundles, though no unlimited 3G option.
If you want to merely pay as you go, the Orange iPad play is priced at £0.05 ($0.07) per MB and charged on a monthly basis.  Alternatively, there are four bundle-style packages: cheapest is the £2 ($2.93) iPad Daily, which is valid for 1 day until midnight and offers 200MB of data

4b40fb72d8ifi 3g.jpg 350x199 Orange UK iPad WiFi + 3G data packages

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