With all the different sizes and shapes of monitors these days, it’s sometimes difficult to find that perfectly matches your desktop resolution, but weblog Inspiration points out that Bing’s image search makes it really simple.

While you can manually search for images with a specific resolution using the same imagesize parameter that you can use in , Bing’s image search can filter by your desktop resolution in a single click—just perform a search, and then choose Size -> Wallpaper from the filtering options on the left menu to filter your search by your resolution.

One of the benefits of using Bing to find wallpaper is the never-ending “river” of images, so you can just keep scrolling down and it will load in more results.

The Digital Inspiration article also talks about how you can use the same tip to find perfect-sized wallpaper for your , , or other device, by accessing the desktop version of Bing instead of the one

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Use Bing to Easily Find Wallpaper That Perfectly Matches Your Screen [Bing]