20070307 foxit Essential Productivity Free Windows Downloads Foxit Reader – Opens, save, and prints PDFs much faster and lighter than ’s official , whether on your desktop or through your browser, and it won’t nag you every two hours to update it or its “components.” There are some down-sides, like how it asks to install a browser toolbar during installation, and some reported difficulties with multiple monitors. But if a document absolutely won’t work with anything but -sanctioned Reader, try Adobe Reader Lite, which cuts out all the “Maybe You’ll Also Like” add-ons and extras out of Adobe’s product and leaves just its basic rendering intact

npp.logo5  Essential Productivity Free Windows Downloads Notepad++ – If you just want to write, save, and edit text, it’s hard to go wrong with ++. This freebie offers tabbed file views, syntax coloring for those working in HTML or other code, and, as the name implies, does a whole lot of what most people wish did. If you want a suite that offers most of what ’s Office suite does, try OpenOffice.org. If you love working in the constantly-backed-up cloud, try the Zoho or Google Docs suites.

texter Essential Productivity Free Windows Downloads Texter – Whether you write code, write out the same address repeatedly, or constantly misspell a certain word this text replacement app wakes up whenever you type certain phrases and then springs into action, saving you serious time and helping you avoid burdensome busy work.