In what might be the briefest press release from a major publisher announcing a new chunk of DLC for an über-successful game, revealed that another set of five multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2 will drop on Live on June 3.

We know two things about said maps so far: They’re coming in a set called the “Resurgence Pack,” and their release will be heralded by two double XP weekends on May 28 and June 4. Now, that’s what we know .

What we assume is that the pack will feature a mix of new maps and renovated versions of Call of Duty 4 maps — perhaps a bit more of the latter, given the title of the bundle. What we also assume is that the “Resurgence Pack” will carry the $15 price tag of the “Stimulus ” (it worked well enough before )

96d87fe1c4gomain.jpg 350x124 Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack adding five more maps on June 3

Modern Warfare 2 ‘Resurgence Pack’ adding five more maps on June 3