keepass icon Essential Security Free Windows Downloads KeePass – It’s where you keep your passwords, and create one to track them all. It has lots of great plug-ins for your browser, other programs, and cool functionality. And it’s available for every platform, so you never have to fear losing all the secrecy you pour into its secure little well.

avg logo Essential Security Free Windows Downloads AVG Free – We actually prefer versions of this anti- app earlier than 8.0 for their, shall we say, more quiet and subtle operation. But it still does a good job of keeping up to date on the latest threats and protecting against them, when needed.

spybot logo1 Essential Security Free Windows Downloads Spybot Search & Destroy – Just read through the list of what Spybot protects against—trackerware, info-tracking cookies, homepage hijackers, trojans, pop-up producers, keyloggers, advertising controllers—and you’ll want to stop thinking about what a trip around the net leaves inside your system. Spybot is a tested and true veteran of the net annoyance wars, and has a support network of enthusiastic updaters.

ad aware logo 300 Essential Security Free Windows Downloads Ad-Aware – It somewhat crosses over with Spybot’s protection, but if you (or a friend/relative) have a system that’s regularly filled with mysterious, malicious stuff, it’s never a bad idea to let Ad-Aware comb through and safely clean the cruft out.