7zip logo Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads 7-Zip – The fix-all archiving/un-zipping program. It basically fills in all the gaps in your system’s compression abilities. Multi-file RAR packages, Mac-formatted archives, and even ISO images can all be opened, and the right-click integration makes it all too easy to do so

everything search Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads Everything – Does what you really want when you hit “Search” in . It’s really tiny, doesn’t need to be installed if you don’t want, and searches for files across your system with the speed of a jackrabbit gone rogue on old-school cold medicine. Faster than that, really, and it makes finding and deleting file types, digging through your browser cache, and any other file search task far faster. We used to recommend Desktop for a system-wide search tool, and it certainly has its merits—including some neat gadgets for  and  —but, in most cases, you’re not going to need to find a single word out of every single document on your system. You just want that apples.doc thing, wherever it is, and Everything finds it as fast as you can type it.

utorrent logo Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads µTorrent – Also known as uTorrent. If you’re a complete newcomer to , uTorrent makes it easy. Install it, and any torrent file you click on is automatically handled and grabbed by uTorrent, and saved in your folder, making a seemingly nerd-core activity as easy as opening an MP3.If you’re a pro, you should know that uTorrent’s features—remote control and download starting from the web, a phone, or using DropBox—truly set it apart.

revo box Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads Revo Uninstaller – Windows doesn’t always remove everything that a program leaves behind—file folders, Start menu items, menu entries, you name it. Revo Uninstaller does. It runs a standard uninstaller, then it searches your system for everything the program changed or touched while it was installing. If you don’t know the name of a program you want to kill off, or don’t see it offered when Revo starts up, choose “Hunter Mode” and click on a window or message from that program. Got annoying programs that start up with your computer without permission? Yeah, Revo handles them too. It’s like the software equivalent of bleach.

teracopy thumb Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads TeraCopy – Windows is slow, and occasionally fails, at copying large files, or just big batches of them. TeraCopy copies things between destinations faster, with more options on what to replace or skip based on file dates, and can actually be (gasp!) paused if you need to do something else while The Complete Works of Woody Allen are being transferred.

imgburn logo Essential Utilities Free Windows Downloads ImgBurn – It does just about everything you can possibly do with a CD, , Blu-Ray or HD- disc, and the image files that make them. Use this instead of the software that came with your system or add-on disc drive, because it can make music discs, data backups, video DVDs, and other projects with grace and speed, and all for .