Desktop switching application Juggler not only chooses between random —it also beautiful desktop for you.

Using the application—which lives in your tray—is simple, requiring first a quick trip to the preferences panel to add your local wallpaper folders, after which you can switch between wallpaper images using the Juggle Now option on the tray menu, or use the automatic option to rotate to a new wallpaper on a set interval.

The best feature of the application, though, is found in the Download option, which will automatically download high quality images from the previously mentioned InterfaceLIFT and WallpaperStock web sites—and it will even grab the images that correctly fit your display resolution, making this a great tool worth a look for anybody looking to customize their desktop .

Wallpaper Juggler is free and open source, requires no installation.

4e8703a010paper1.png 350x234 Wallpaper Juggler Downloads, Rotates High Quality Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Juggler Downloads, Rotates High-Quality Wallpaper [Downloads]