Many of you have a favorite update tool for keeping track of all your at once.

Free utility Software Informer takes it to the next level, providing other management features and a support community for all your software.

Software Informer runs in your tray, tracking all the software installed on your computer that it has in its database (which is pretty extensive). When one of your programs has an update available, Software Informer will give you a notification and allow you to update the program from Software Informer’s website, without ever having to go to the program’s own site if you don’t want to.

This is especially helpful if a number of different programs have updates available, because you can go straight to your personal update page and update them all from there (though you can only update them one at a time, which can get tedious if you have a lot).

79117d2983former.jpg 197x250 Software Informer Supplies Updates for All Your Programs

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