Believe it or not, June 7th marks the 25th anniversary of seminal ’80s geeks-make-good The Goonies . And while it’s important to note that the movie is no Star Wars , a special-effects laden epic that dazzled us with an otherworldly mythos, it’s also no Star Wars , a beloved franchise done in by after-market retcons and far inferior modern incarnations. The Goonies was a moment in , and, while we’ve grown older, the tale has stayed the same. Some of the ’s key elements haven’t aged particularly well – the hallmark racial stereotypes of the day and Josh Brolin’s gym-shorts-over-sweatpants ensemble, just to point out a pair of obvious examples – but beneath its stone-washed denim and jelly bracelet façade, The Goonies persists as a nerd culture classic because it paints a fantastical story in relatable shades.

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