If you need to create your own photos and graphics with in seconds, then you need Says-It.com.

The image makers allow you to create your own funny photos and graphics – simply type in some text and choose from a few simple options.

You can create your own church sign, make an official seal, have your own fire or police badge, and more. Once you’ve picked your options and created your image, you can use it for whatever you like – save it on your computer, upload it to ImageShack image hosting for use in blog or forum posting

There are many things in this website you need to look out, I just tried few things like poster generator, soft drink bottle generator where you can create your own soft drink bottles by applying custom logo, color, words etc.

c8caa67b15poster.png 350x234 Free Funny Image/Poster Generator

Says-It : Free Funny Image/Poster Generator