The World Cup. The time when half the world goes football mad and the other half tries to make itself a load of money from exploiting the football-crazed consumers.

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The Market, what with its all-encompassing, deregulated approach to apps, is no stranger to ill-advised get rich quick schemes that try to capitalise on lucrative keywords, with numerous spam apps, ad-covered apps and poor RSS and Twitter readers dressed up to be some sort of life-changing tool, all vying for your thoughtless, impulsive micro-transaction.

We’ve sorted through the wheat and chaff of Android World Cup apps, giving you five of the best options for keeping yourself up on the very latest in metatarsal developments down in South Africa.

GOOD: World DroidCup, £free

Doesn’t offer much in the way of streamed-in news and opinion, instead this one just gives Android users the basics – group tables, match times and results, all put together in an extremely professional visual style. The use of English on the menus is a bit patchy, but that only adds to the excitement of an international event. It’s like Eurovision, only quite a lot less camp.

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GOOD: EvriThing World Cup, £free

This is the one to get if you’re after a simple news feed aggregator and can’t be bothered cobbling one together yourself from your own personal favourite news providers. A simple, clutter-free interface keeps everything quick, because the last thing you need to be doing in a penalty situation is waiting for graphical menus to load. Features lots of US news sources, so get used to reading about “offense”.

evrithing world cup 320 100 The best Android World Cup apps

GOOD: BBC Sport News, £free

DISCLAIMER: Not made by the BBC. This simply serves up the BBC’s enormous sport news section in a very tidy little app, if you’re the sort of proud British reader who only believes things are true and teams have indeed been eliminated at quarter stage when it appears on the BBC. Hopefully the BBC will launch its promised official sports app very soon. Now is definitely a good time to do so.
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GOOD: World Cup 2010 TV Guide, £free

Even in this complex digital age, when it comes to watching football on TV in the UK it’s a simple choice – Gary Lineker on the BBC or whoever’s currently doing the hosting on ITV. This app offers TV times and channel info for all matches, not only for the UK but also for France, the US, South Africa and more. If you didn’t know the Group B match between South Korea and Greece is only being shown on ITV, you’re not a proper football fan.

world cup 2010 tv guide 320 100 The best Android World Cup apps

GOOD: World Cup Quiz, £free

It’s presented extremely poorly, but offering “more than 1000 different questions” about football stuff, it could, at the very least, help a non-football fan bluff his or her way through a football trivia-based conversation with an expert. We all have our coping strategies for getting through major sporting events. Look for the one developed by Lniv – there are several WC quiz apps out there.
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