WWDC is wrapping up here in San Francisco, and after a week of having most of the best developers in the world all in one place, we’re hearing some speculation and solutions for what happened to Steve Jobs on stage Monday .

He had Wi-Fi issues while accessing the New York Times website during a demo with 4 , and of course it led to the awkward pause where he asked the over 500 Wi-Fi users in the room to please unplug their and stop liveblogging (of course, not everybody complied).

But were those users the ? NPR cornered Glenn Fleishman for an explanation, and he says while that many Wi-Fi users might not have caused problems, many of the in the room were using MiFis , the wireless network devices that aren’t necessarily designed to be used so closely together.

1726fa3dcee4wifi.jpg 200x250 What really happened with Wi Fi on the iPhone 4

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What really happened with Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4