Ahead of Thursday’s release of the new and improved 4, is today launching a series of software improvements collectively known as iOS 4 to owners of older generation iPhones and iPod Touch devices. iOS 4, the updated form of the iPhone operating system, brings over 100 new features, some big – like folders for apps and unified inboxes, some small – like home screen wallpapers and threaded email, and some – like multi-tasking – which your old iPhone may not be able to run at all. Sponsor Multi-tasking, iPhone’s Newest Trick, Doesn’t Run on Older Devices Announced in April during a presentation on ’s Cupertino campus, iOS 4 delivers several long-awaited features for many iPhone users, the most important of which may be “multi-tasking,” the ability for apps to run in the background while you launch and use additional applications in the foreground.

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New iPhone Software Arrives Today, Can You Run it?