Steve Jobs took to the stage in Cupertino to finally unveil the new iOS 4.0 , offering some expected treats and some surprises. Along with his so-called seven ‘tent-pole’ services, there were a number of other elements that promise to keep the at the sharp end of the smartphone game, so let us tell you all you need to know about the new OS: 1. Multi-tasking Any user will have been enraged for years that they can only perform one task at a time on their device (and this now includes users as well). Thankfully, that has changed , and in true form it’s been done with a slick overlay. Basically, rather than an ugly task manager, double-tapping the home button will bring up a dock of (admittedly, only four) running applications you can switch to while staying in another app.

fa1bf4651700 200.jpg iOS 4.0: 10 things to know

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