Virgin Media believe that there is a crunch point coming for superfast , where consumers will begin to notice that their internet connection is not supporting their digital life at home. According to Virgin Media’s executive director of Jon James, the roll out of increasing numbers of ‘up to 20Mbps’ services by many companies is not seeing a significant rise in the average internet speeds to the home, and many people will be disappointed with the service they get. James believes that the average of around 3.8Mbps to homes is now being pushed by people’s use of streaming video over applications like the BBC iPlayer and other internet services. Confusion among customers “There is still confusion among confusion, enthusiastically supported by our competitors about what actual speeds people get,” said James, in a briefing

28cc5a405100 200.jpg Virgin Media: Broadband crunch point is coming

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Updated: Virgin Media: Broadband crunch point is coming