We’re big fans of keyboard ’round these parts, but while lots of web pages advertise their well, many go unnoticed.

Here’s a CSS tweak for your browser that shows which links on a page have keyboard shortcuts. You recently mentioned ’s new keyboard shortcuts , the likes of which are available on a lot of other web pages. If you want to see if a web site has them, you can add this to your Firefox profile’s usercontent.css file

margin-left: 0.3em;
content: "[" attr(accesskey) "]";

This will look at a page for all the HTML elements that have an accesskey attribute (which is how you define keyboard shortcuts) and, if they’re present, display them after the relevant element.

ed129572b7orcuts.jpg 350x209 Make Your Browser Display Any Web Pages Keyboard Shortcuts

Excerpt from:
Make Your Browser Display Any Web Page’s Keyboard Shortcuts [Firefox Tip]