Here’s some posts from last week you might have missed.


UseTheSource: A “Hacker News” for Beautiful Code


Independence Day in Great Britain

Nuke the oil spill?

England lose again as Nationwide pulls plug on £20m football sponsorship

Blockbuster, struggling to avoid bankruptcy

Russian paper tells its readers to poach in UK lakes

Imported World Cup players

U.S. embassy owes almost £4 million in UK congestion charges

UK budget, visualized

No More Buying Eggs By The Dozen in the UK

World Cup’s England-Germany proves once and for all that FIFA needs goal line technology immediately


Take a tour of Top Gear’s test track in Gran Turismo 5

Shoot Everything In Your Way, R-Type Is Coming To The iPhone

How To Make Millions Playing World Of Warcraft


Mating Coke with Pepsi

How to correctly hold an iPhone 4

Waiting for your lightsaber or hoverboard? Still…

World Cup T-Shirt

Grating cheese on a G5

Fake trailer for movie about Microsoft .NET vs Java

Simply Explained

Pole dancing bears should be an Olympic sport

Need. To. Focus.

VIDEO: Now you know not to blow a vuvuzela in a dog’s face

Apple introduces iHand: the right way to hold your iPhone

Helping with Computer problems


How to Remove Background from Image?


Test Your Password Strength at How Secure Is My Password

USB Coffee-Cup Warmer Could Be Stealing Your Data

Google Changes the URL for Encrypted SSL Searches

Escaping the corporate or educational firewall, or ‘how to play FarmVille from work’

New Security Tool Available for Download


Want to upload 720p movies from iPhone 4? Try Pixelpipe

iPhone 4 takes to the skies

How to play with Google Chrome Web Apps right now

Bugs & Fixes: Seven iOS 4 troubleshooting tips

Geography of Lost island

Nuke the BP oil leak! Undersea blast could plug it, say physicists

Chrome dev channel update brings sync enhancements, unified menu, more

Facebook’s Oversized Economy Visualized

Google Voice UK incoming! Google Me teased

Make Your Browser Display Any Web Page’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Invention Lets You Insert Batteries in Any Direction

What To Do When Technology Passes You By

Beautiful Visualization Resizes World Cup Stars Based on Facebook Buzz

Facebook Starts Suggesting Pages to New Users

I need a new iPhone4 case

TeamViewer: Alternative to Windows Remote Assistance

iPhone 4 gets a $1 alternative to pricey Bumpers

What’s the best Freeview HD box?

Element Cases releases Vapor

Bye Bye, HDMI! There’s a New A/V Cable Standard in Town [Hdmi]

iPhone 101: Quitting apps in iOS 4

Sony finally making money on PS3 hardware; no price cut in foreseeable future

Apple hiring iPhone antenna engineers for some reason

New Military Gadget Lets Users Suck Power off of Power Lines

Portable Office

A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security

The Windows Page File and SQL Server

Apple telling reps to smooth over iPhone 4 reception complaints, not to offer free bumpers?

Sony PS3 firmware v3.40 gets video editing, Facebook integration, more

How Google can take on Facebook and win

iPhone 4 overheating: is your Apple handset toasty?

How much does the BBC iPlayer cost to run?

Seagate releases the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive

First Look At PlayStation 3′s 3.40 Firmware Update

Measuring Web Page Performance

PS3 firmware 3.40 update adds enhanced Facebook integration, video editing ‘soon’

Introducing IIS Express

Developer ports Lemmings to four platforms in 36 hours

Currys pay up for Lampard’s World Cup ‘goal’

iPhone 4 signal solutions

iPhone 4 Costs $188 To Make

The History of the iPhone

Apple plans software fix for iPhone 4 reception problems

Ice Straws Creatively Keep Your Drinks Cool

BitTorrent finds another legal use: Facebook’s server farms

FIFA says it will investigate the Jabulani ball after the World Cup. Maybe it should investigate itself while it’s at it?

The Best Semi-Solutions for iPhone 4 Reception Problems So Far

Guide: How to save data even if an app doesn’t allow it

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