Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the massively multiplayer — and massively popular — online game World of Warcraft, has touched off a firestorm in the gaming community by requiring that users divulge their real identities when posting in its game-related forums. The company says that what it calls the “Real ID” program is necessary to combat incivility, trolling and other behavior in its forums, but many gamers are outraged that they will be forced to merge their real-life selves with their gaming personas. The controversy is only the latest example of the ongoing conflict between the anonymity and privacy of the Internet and the pressure to disclose a real-world identity. In many ways, Blizzard’s move seems antithetical to the nature of the online gaming world: multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft are called “role-playing” games because users take on different personas in order to play them. Some players maintain multiple identities, and even have characters that are different sexes, all of whom may have nothing to do with each other inside the game

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Should You Be Forced to Admit That You Have a Dark Elf Army?