At first I thought “Motorized shoes? That just sounds dumb.” Then I took a closer look at the Treadway Wearable Mobility project , an entry in the James Dyson Award competition, and realized how badly I wanted a pair of these: Designed by RISD and Art Center grad Peter Treadway (nom de guerre?), the namesake shoes are meant to be a fun way to encourage people to travel on foot to a public transportation center. And while I think that’s a bit of a stretch–I don’t have much faith that that’s what people would use these for–I greatly enjoyed seeing Treadway’s tinkering process shots, and I could totally see these catching on. This project’s got legs. Er, wheels.

fe0163976fadways.jpg 160x250 Motorized footwear

Go here to see the original:
Peter Treadway’s motorized footwear