Wow. Time is flying by. Here’s some posts you may have missed:


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Devcheatsheet catalogs over 1,600 cheat sheets for developers and software users


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Physicists: Time is Actually Slowing Down

Infinity swimming pool 55 STOREYS above ground


Co-Optimus Catalogs Cooperative Games Across Multiple Consoles


Emma Stone explains why she loves the iPhone

World’s Largest Skateboard: Wheeled Insanity


Microsoft Enables Remote Security with Windows Intune

Software Uses Twitter, Flickr to Let Dissidents Send Secret Messages


LAN Speed Test Measures the Speed of Your Home Network

A sneak preview of Farnborough Airshow 2010

My iPhone 4 antenna-gap fix

Monitor Ebay Auctions and Bid at Last Second

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Use Chrome like a pro

How to Scale Code Deployment Like Twitter Does

Try Out Three Early Web Apps from the Chrome Web Store

This Is How Much the New iPhone 4 Signal Bars Have Grown

Apple iPhone 4 press conference this Friday

Paul the Octopus Gets His Own (Unofficial) iPhone App

A Wonderful WinDBG/SOS Hidden Feature

iPhone 5: 10 things Apple should fix

CSS3D creates a stereoscopic 3D effect with CSS3

Passmark DiskCheckup is a free, simple SMART monitoring tool

System Nucleus is a powerful Windows diagnostic, backup, and reporting tool

Farnborough Airshow Arrivals

Forza 3 ‘World Class Car Pack’ rides onto Xbox Marketplace

Windows 7 SP1 Beta Available for Download

Apple Censors Discussions On Negative Consumer Reports’ iPhone 4 Test

Grape-DR supercomputer sips power and wields a tangled cable mess

App Magnets

The iPhone 4 is great*

EasyBCD 2.0 Makes Dual-Booting Easier, Now Supports Windows 7

Skype and Fring Go to War Over VoIP Video Calls

Middle-Click Browser History Buttons to Go Back or Forward in New Tabs

Microsoft Private Cloud: It’s Right for eBay but is it Right for You?

Spotify streaming music app arrives on Linux, but still not in US

BAE Systems’ Unmanned Stealth Bomber Taranis Still in Testing, Can Think for Itself

The Slim Exolife iPhone 4 Case Will Give Your Battery a Boost [IPhone]

Domino’s UK Foursquare Promotion Helps Increase Profits by 29%

Microsoft Launches Outlook Facebook Integration

Fix the Windows Registry from a Linux Thumb Drive

Skype severs ties with Fring, sparks video calling war

PowerEZ Plus provides power boost, kickstand for iPhone 4

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All You Need to Juggle a Soccer Ball: Your Feet and an iPhone

Fring bends under the pressure of iPhone video calling, Skype temporarily locked down


294 Creepy Crawly Bug Wallpapers

World of Warcraft

Blizzard Changes Its Mind, Real Names Not Required To Post On Forums

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