Busy week ending with the Farnborough airshow. Here’s the posts you may have missed:


Useful books for CLR Debugging and internals

VS 2010 Productivity Power Tools Update (with some cool new features)

New Version of the Productivity Power Tools is Available!

How to use the MSBuild debugger in Visual Studio 2010


The star of Farnborough – Vulcan Bomber XH558

The Blades – Farnborough Airshow 2010

787 Departs Farnborough Flanked By Spitfires

F22 at Farnborough Airshow 2010

Anti-aircraft laser shown at Farnborough Airshow

Farnborough International Airshow takes to the skies

Brief History of Farnborough Airfield and Airshow

100 Essential Skills for Geeks

Interactive T-shirts

Farnborough 2010 Airshow – Amazing photos

Farnborough Airshow Opens

A sneak preview of Farnborough Airshow 2010


Co-Optimus Catalogs Cooperative Games Across Multiple Consoles


Microsoft 0day: Malformed Shortcut Vulnerability


End Call button for the iPhone 4

Ferris Club: Fight Club meets Ferris Bueller

Maybe the most amazing basketball shot ever recorded

My free iPhone4 case arrives from Apple

My First and Last Day as a Warning Sign Writer



Dragon Dictation updated with iOS 4 support and some new features

UK regulator turns over Internet policing standards to movie and record industries

Free iPhone 4 cases

Use Ctrl+Shift+Click to Open Programs as Administrator in Windows 7

Skype for iPhone now runs in background, making it way more useful

15 ways to cut your iPhone roaming charges

TrueCrypt 7 now available, features hardware accelerated encryption

MovieTickets.com to sell movie tickets on the Xbox 360

Quick Look At the Dell Streak

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 4 promises ruggedness & no antenna glitches

‘Better than Star Wars’ laser shoots down flying aircraft for first time in history

Cinema effect in YouTube: Turn off the lights

Evil Fortune Cookies

LAN Speed Test Measures the Speed of Your Home Network

My iPhone 4 antenna-gap fix

See you next week.