I really enjoy what have come to be known as single-serving sites. These are sites that do only one specific thing, but the best of them do that thing exceedingly well.

My new favorite site of this kind is Details .

The URL is super easy to remember (supportdetails.com), and when you pay the site a visit, it lists a bunch of details about your computer that you can include when making a support request for software that you’re having trouble with.

Here’s a quick list of the information that Support Details offers:

  • - Operating system
  • - Screen resolution
  • - Web Browser & version
  • - Browser window size
  • - IP address
  • - Color depth
  • - (enabled or disabled)
  • - Flash version
  • - Cookies (enabled or disabled)

You can export the details as a CSV or PDF file, or you can simply email them to a recipient by using a form that’s right on the site

fa52136dc2etails.jpg Support Details gives you system details instantly

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Support Details gives you system details instantly