Here’s the post you might have missed from last week.


What BP Could Buy With Money Lost From The Oil Spill

Wikileaks releases 92,000 secret Afghan-war files

Inception Math

Public Days at Farnborough Airshow

The star of Farnborough – Vulcan Bomber XH558


Starcraft II ‘melting’ some video cards

Starcraft 2 digital version now available at

Starcraft II Launches Around The World

A 5 minute crash course in StarCraft history and lore


Wi-Fi WPA2 Vulnerability Found


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Inception looks incredible

Big Ben and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Wave Your Immature Android Fanboy Flag on Your Chest

Why Ninja don’t wear iPods

New Dads


Inception’s musical secret


Mac’s Can Get Viruses

Mac OS X vs. Windows Security


Some Say He Can Fly. All We Know Is, He’s Called The Stig Copter!

Speck Products PixelSkin HD Case for iPhone

Griffin Technology Motif for iPhone 4

Speck Products Fitted Case for iPhone 4

Griffin Technology Reveal Etch for iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper

Belkin Shield Micra for iPhone 4

Virgin Media player launches online and for mobile

New Droid X Ad Thumps iPhone 4 Bumpers [Fight]

There Are Seven Keymasters Who Can Restart the Internet

The New Blue Flame

Virgin Media uses electricity masts to extend rural broadband

Seesmic Web gets huge update: Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, desktop notifications arrive

Support Details gives you system details instantly

Dell Streak to get Froyo later this year, T-Mobile wants none of it

7 Reasons Why Techies Love Inception

YouTube Easter Egg Lets You Play Snakes

Building a $200 Linux PC

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