has responded to news of a serious vulnerability in the way that web applications are secured by issuing an emergency patch. And you know that if a is serious enough for Microsoft decides to release a fix outside of its normal “Patch Tuesday” monthly schedule that it’s definitely an important vulnerability. And rightly so – is a very popular framework for building applications on the web, with many online banking and ecommerce sites relying upon the technology. The security issue was discovered by researchers Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo, who discovered a way of exploiting the way that web applications handle encrypted session cookies, and demonstrated their findings at a security conference in Argentina earlier this month. If left unfixed, the security hole could give malicious hackers the ability to read any file on a web application server.

89d1115304et 170.jpg Microsoft issues emergency out of band patch for ASP.Net

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Microsoft issues emergency out-of-band patch for ASP.Net