Here’s the posts you may have missed from last week.


Preview Source Code Attachments in Outlook

NDepend review

EtherCodes is an interesting code editor for real-time collaboration

7 Freely available E-Books/Guides I found essential for .NET Programmers and Architects


Official: Star Wars 3D coming out in 2012

Total nutter races motorbike through Moscow

Poacher killed by great white shark

31 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

How fast can you take apart and put a Jeep back together?


Microsoft Aiming to Make Halo an Ongoing Relationship

Halo: Reach Invasion mode Forge guide

Inception game incoming: Christopher Nolan plans baffling tie-in

Halo: Reach Avatar armor now on Xbox Marketplace


How To Hack An Elevator

Iranian nuclear facilities under “massive attack” by Stuxnet worm


Your Father

Watching other people use the computer.

Simulate your lottery balls for the next 10 years, then realize you should quit while you’re ahead

Drunken spectators storm bullfighting ring; 3 die, 37 injured

Destroy Entire Websites With Asteroids Bookmarklet

Who Needs An IT Department?

And You Thought Texting While Driving Was Dangerous!

Star Wars themed parody of Bohemian Rhapsody


Mulve, the free and non-P2P music download app, shut down by RIAA

14 Videos of The World’s Best Turntablist DJs

Mulve – The Nightmare-Scenario Music Downloading Tool


Proposed Internet Wiretapping Law Fundamentally Incompatible with Security

Stuxnet Questions and Answers

Microsoft issues emergency out-of-band patch for ASP.Net

Microsoft To Release Emergency Fix For ASP.NET Bug


R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner

PayPal Submits New Check-Depositing iPhone App for Approval

Facebook Unveils Recommended Subscriptions

Virgin Media gives its broadband a speed injection

The Handy Start Menu Organizes Your Applications For You

Spink Cup Holder protects your computer from spills

Boil Buoy makes noise when boiling water

16-bit ALU in minecraft

Teaching Robots To Use Bows And Arrows – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Google Earth for iPhone: Now With More Oceans

Geek makes awesome R2D2 that he can ride inside

Virgin Media offers 3D movies on demand

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 is available!

1K JavaScript Demos

Connectify 2.1 Beta Adds More Wi-Fi Sharing Support for Windows 7

Covenant Energy Sword Now $44, Almost Sold Out

Earn Badges on Foursquare, No Checkins Required

Mophie Juice Pack Air vs. Mili PowerSpring 4 review

Case-mate ID Credit Card Case for iPhone 4

Microsoft joins Apple in stance against Blu-ray

Facebook Gives A Post-Mortem On Worst Downtime In Four Years

Microsoft will retire Visual Studio Installer