Yes, HDCP was indeed cracked, and now there’s an open-source decoding system for it. Right now the system requires a fairly beefy PC, but that may change as people poke around the code a bit. You’ll recall that there were initial reports a few weeks ago that basically said: HDCP cracked! There was next to no information beyond that, so I was sort of like, “Is this true? No idea, we’ll have to wait and see.” And we have now seen ! The system, created by two fine chaps in Rob Johnson and Mikhail Rubnich, takes care of the HDCP handshake, then decrypts the video on-the-fly. It’s not the most efficient code yet, as you’ll need something like a multi-core, 64-bit CPU, with nearly 2GB of RAM entirely dedicated to the work.

850e07ec3enohdcp.jpg 450x266 HDCP Decryption System Developed, Released As Open Source Software

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HDCP Decryption System Developed, Released As Open-Source Software