Here’s a roundup of last week’s posts.


Introducing ‘Vingy’ Add-in for VS2010 – Search StackOverflow, CodeProject, DotNetKick etc easily from with in Visual Studio


This Painting Is Not Available In Your Country

9 Crazy Plane Landings

Get Ready For Halloween

Russia Is Building Floating Nuclear Reactors Near the North Pole


Xbox Live Bingo

There Are 12 Million World Of Warcraft Subscribers Out There

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Will Be In 3D (Provided You Have All Of The Equipment)

Minecraft: How Social Media Spawned a Gaming Sensation


Ministry of Sound Silenced By Huge DDoS Attack

ElcomSoft turns your laptop into a one-touch WiFi cracking system


Name That Weird Invention!

Dolphin FAIL

I’m Feeling More Motivated Already!

Submarine in a Canal

Dangers of GM Foods

European map according to Americans

The Dangers of High-Frequency Trading

Captain Caveman meets Chewbacca

Crazy car driving skills

The Recession: It’s Over!


Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx for Pro DJs launches


25 Creative Examples of Animal Photomanipulation

25 Superb Examples of Infrared Photography


Security Essentials Screensaver scans for viruses while your computer is idle

Turn Your Flash Drive into a Portable Privacy Toolkit

Obama administration wants encryption backdoors for domestic surveillance

Prevent Others from Guessing Your Password with Temporary Account Lockout


Guide: How to overclock your Intel CPU

Taskbar Items Pinner Pins Anything to the Windows 7 Taskbar

Google Instant in Chrome Is Awesome, Even More Useful than on

One Chart To Sue Them All

Facebook Granted Patent on Check-ins, Don’t Bet on Them Using it

Google Goggles Lands on the iPhone

This iPhone Case Packs a QWERTYriffic Flip-Out Keyboard

iPhone App Filters in Important Outside Noise When Listening to Music

HDCP Decryption System Developed, Released As Open-Source Software

The Intermediate Guide to Mastering Passwords with LastPass

Make Windows Load Your Desktop Before You Log In

Europe wins 2010 Ryder Cup

UK ISPs Successfully Resist File-Sharing Data Handover

Beerby Helps Answer That Important Question, “What Do You Have on Tap?”

Microsoft Replacing Windows Live Spaces with

There’s no “u” in social media

11 Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software

Army DNS ROOT Server Down For 18+ Hours

6 Free Web Tools for Managing Time Differences


Outstanding Realistic 3D Artworks

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm blows up Dec. 7