Here’s a roundup of last week’s post. Check out any you may have missed.


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We dont need the Internet

Job application

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What’s next?

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Spotify Virgin Media team up incoming?

UK Police Force Posts All Its Calls On Twitter

8-Bit ZX Spectrum Gaming Emulator Arrives on the iPhone

“There’s an App for that” gets official Trademark

Charcoal grill made from recycled naval mine casings

HydroBOB makes scuba diving a child’s play for non-divers

Twilighttracer Golf Ball

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Best overclocking software: 15 top apps

5 Ways Windows Phone 7 Could Bite Into Android

Lovefilm PS3 movie streaming on the way!

Precer Group’s Bioracer Uses Wood Pellets for Fuel

USB Desktop Aquarium and Organizer

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Russian Army Upgrades Its Inflatable Weapons

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World of Warcraft

There Are 12 Million World Of Warcraft Subscribers Out There