While technology marches forward and influences all markets the mobile phone industry is arguably the most susceptible to change and a perpetual push to the future than most.

The birth of the modern can be traced to 2007 when launched the and then followed it up by adding the App Store in 2008, creating new expectations amongst mainstream consumers over what they should expect from a mobile.

Apple may have made history, but its pricy mobiles are not for everyone and many other firms have joined the race for supremacy in the smartphone market.

As always, the question now is what`s next?

`s mobile operating system has been one of the success stories to arise since the iPhone`s launch and although it has taken a couple of years to find its feet now has entered the everyday lexicon and is understood on the same terms.

android Whats next?

Android 2.2 is the latest and greatest addition to the franchise, bringing with it support for Flash 10.1 in the web browser to allow access to content which is inaccessible from most other smartphones. Handsets like the HTC Desire HD, which runs Android 2.2, are proving that bigger is really better with 4.3 inch displays and highly customisable interfaces.

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Three years on from the original iPhone`s arrival and the iPhone 4 was launched, making the most significant alterations to the series since its inception. Gone was the rounded backplate, replaced by metal and glass and a construction that is just under a centimetre thick. The 3.5 inch display has the same dimensions as its forebears, but the resolution has been drastically increased, making text and video much more crisp and earning it the name of Retina Display. Add to this mix a brand new processor, more RAM for multitasking and the fresh iOS 4 platform and you have a smartphone which still has the hearts and minds of millions.

has been a minor force in the smartphone market for many years because of its slightly unwieldy Mobile operating systems. However, in the autumn of 2010 it unveiled Phone 7; an operating system which proves you can start from scratch and produce something original which critics will actually admire.

Windows 7 Phone Whats next?

With a simplified interface based on panels rather than the homescreens and colourful icons of Android and the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 is forging a unique path to success and with smartphones like the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7 arriving to support the software it will be interesting to observe the ascent.

The boom in the popularity of touchscreen smartphones has allowed manufacturers to branch out and revive the tablet PC market.

Although it was not the first to try it was once more Apple that managed to have the first success in this renaissance with the . Now Samsung is getting in on the action with its seven inch Galaxy Tab device. Running Android and behaving more like a mobile phone than most of its rivals this 3G masterpiece could be the perfect alternative for people who are wary of Apple`s heavily controlled devices.

samsung galaxy tab android tablet Whats next?