We just spent some serious, and we mean serious time with Live for Phone 7 . Just like your , this is sort of an amalgamation of “the place you go to play games” and “the place you go to ping and taunt your friends who also play games.” Unfortunately, it seems there’s a bit of a disconnect between phone-based scores and records and achievements — they all add up to the same gamerscore, but you can’t easily there are separate charts to pull up your most recent Halo exploits to show off on your mobile, for instance. Luckily, that still puts in a better position than any other mobile games platform (until can get Game Center to stop sucking, at least).

38dbb153aa01 top.jpg 450x337 Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7: your Xbox isnt in your phone yet, but were getting there

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Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7: your Xbox isn’t in your phone yet, but we’re getting there