Here’s a summary of last weeks posts


Happy Halloween


Windows Phone 7 review: the launch games

Microsoft unveils all-new Games for Windows Marketplace


Idiocy Automatically Hacks Twitter Accounts to Educate on Security

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WEP Password with BackTrack


31 Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

This is what happens when you drop a 1200-lb pumpkin onto a car

Christmas dinner Pot Noodle launched

The Top 10 Near Death Gifs: Animated Close Calls

Crocheted Yoda Hat


The Best ‘Evil’ Apps for iPhone

Microsoft Runs Basically The Worst Internet Startup Ever. 1 Year, Over $2 Billion In Losses

Panasonic Discontinues Technics Analog Turntables

Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable – What’s old, is new again

Apple working on integrated SIM for next iPhone?

Become a Foursquare Power User

AeroTuner Adds More Customization Options to the Windows 7 Aero UI

iPhone: Vodafone comes top, Orange is rock bottom for customer satisfaction

Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 sees public beta release

iOS 4.1 glitch lets you bypass lock screen

Virgin Media to Launch Flagship 100Mb Broadband

A Windows Explorer Gem

Virgin Media’s 100Mbps broadband arriving this week?

Retro iPhone handset

Windows Phone 7 review: the gaming experience

Defraggler 2.0 beta gets faster, adds boot-time defrag

Happy 9th birthday, iPod!

Just Because Google Exists Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Asking People Things

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years