Dashboard, that is. You’ve already seen the new 360 dashboard right here and thousands of you have tried its flatter, faster interface for yourselves , but if you’ve missed out, it’s looking like your Halloween candy bag may include a full-scale rollout. Live subscribers are getting the above message in their inboxes right now, indicating that November 1st will bring a service update of some sort, after which point “You will notice a change to the layout of the LIVE Dashboard, a new color scheme, and new fonts being used.” That doesn’t necessarily sound like a cornucopia of Netflix Search, ESPN, Kinect and Zune Music to us, but it’s not like you have a choice — it’s mandatory, and you’ll lose all Live functionality unless you comply. We for one welcome our new software overlords

e55c922725ov1600.jpg 450x182 Xbox Live mandatory update, all hands on board

Xbox Live mandatory update coming November 1st, all hands on board