has said that a based on its blockbuster franchise is still on the way, adding that it may well fund the project itself. The movie seems to have been stuck in development hell for years now, although it looks like is re-igniting its interest in the flick. Halo versus Hollywood ’s Frank O’Connor told New York Videogame Critics Circle in no uncertain terms: “There will be a Halo movie.” The man added; “Everyone wanted to do a Halo movie, the director, , the highest placed people at movie companies.” O’Connor went on to detail how the project had fallen by the wayside in the past due to legal wranglings and contractual disagreements. “It was the lawyers. When they went behind closed doors with the contracts, things fell apart

7fad4885a200 200.jpg Microsoft confirms Halo movie still on the way

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Microsoft confirms Halo movie still on the way