Next time your Dad’s all, “I wanna play Halo with you, little Billy, but I just can’t get a grip on the controls of these crazy new games!”, there could be a better answer than “Eff off, Dad!”: Coach Turnbuckle’s FPS Trainer . The browser-based first-person shooter is designed to improve FPS players’ skills by offering coaching tips and providing a detailed rundown of player strengths and weaknesses. Developed by Play2Improve, the game is described as “a series of mini-games to practice various FPS techniques and skills utilizing a real-time coach to provide constant feedback and advice, along with an online multiplayer mode that also includes coaching and the use of ’s Live Avatars (not shown in playable demo).” Play2Improve reps explained the odd inclusion of 360 Avatars to Joystiq this afternoon, saying, “We were previously developing FPS Trainer for consoles, following a successful concept pitch at GDC last year; however, after developing a playable demo, we decided to take the product in a different direction and are going down the browser-based/online route initially, prior to a potential port to consoles early next year.” FPS Trainer ‘s visuals are “designed to fit with the Live Avatars,” so think more Team Fortress 2 than Battlefield: Bad Company 2 . Or just head past the break and get your eyes on the game’s introductory trailer — we like to offer you options

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Introducing Coach Turnbuckle, your FPS Trainer