There’s been no shortage whatsoever of PC control schemes using Kinect, but up until now, every bit of it has been without ’s official blessing. Of course, the company eventually caved to the massive amount of hacking going on and confessed that it didn’t have any hard feelings for those giving it a whirl, but is it really fixing to take things one step further with bona fide PC support? That’s the talk emanating from South Korea, where game developer GamePrix has reported that at least one of its titles (Divine Soul, if you must know) is “scheduled to support Kinect.” Continuing on about the game, the company’s Jason Lim was quoted as saying that “Kinect will soon be available as a new PC controller,” but naturally, we’ve our doubts. For starters, why wouldn’t be working with a more major developer if honest-to-goodness PC-Kinect interactions were planned

b66a98014aar top.jpg 450x202 Kinect rumored to have PC support in waiting

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Kinect rumored to have PC support in waiting