If you’re tired of managing five or six different live CDs for testing and troubleshooting, free program XBoot will help you merge them all onto one DVD or thumb drive with simple drag-and-drop ease. I don’t know about you, but I’ve amassed quite a few live CDs over the years that I’d like to keep, like GParted , Ophcrack , and the many flavors of Linux I have lying around. Unfortunately, they always seem to get buried under all the other CDs I have, or left at other people’s houses. XBoot does away with the need for all that, creating one bootable with any ISOs you want on it. Unlike other multi-boot methods, XBoot has an extremely simple-to-use interface: you just drag and drop any ISO you want into the list and burn them onto a DVD (or USB thumb drive).

6ba35643b5t.1 03.png 450x270 XBoot Creates Your Own Custom, Multi Image Bootable USB Drive [Downloads]

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XBoot Creates Your Own Custom, Multi-Image Bootable USB Drive [Downloads]