An image meme that started on Tumblr in early 2009 and spread to social networks around the world has just made its way back to Tumblr, where many users are seeing it for the first time. The meme is called ” 241543903 ,” and it involves taking a photo of yourself with your head in your freezer and tagging it 241543903. That way, anyone who searches for that magic number on Images will see a whole ton of head-in-a-freezer photos. 241543903 seems to have peaked earlier this year, but it’s been revived recently by a Tumblr post that now has over 2,000 likes and reblogs

509cd10fd3zer1 1.png 241543903   The Story Behind the Head in a Freezer Image Meme

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241543903 – The Story Behind the ‘Head-in-a-Freezer’ Image Meme