’s jumpstarted the ebook revolution, but that doesn’t make it the eReader of choice for everyone . If you’ve got some books you’d like to use with a different device, here’s how to remove the DRM so you can. Too Smart Guys created the video above (the tutorial portion starting at 2:05), demonstrating how to remove DRM from that you legally purchased. To get started, you need the following: Kindle for PC (Yes, this means you need but it Kindle for PC reportedly works with Wine .) Python (Anything 2.x should work fine, but if you want to follow instructions exactly ou can download 2.6.4 .) The Unswindle Python script The supporting mobidedrm.py script Note: the Python scripts are currently down but Too Smart Guys have been kind enough to provide a torrent you can use to download the files instead

be66e3e1edarrow.png How to Remove DRM from Your Kindle Ebooks

The rest is here:
How to Remove DRM from Your Kindle Ebooks [Video]