Cyber hunting for hogs … According to a Nov. 19 bulletin from the Georgia Information Sharing & Center, “three shotguns were set up on a platform and linked to a Web-accessible camera system that allows the guns to be fired via an Internet connection.” The bulletin, circulated by the Office of Homeland , said the guns were trained toward a food plot, and that their likely intent was for hunting in an area known to be infested with feral hogs. …Several business ventures explored the idea of cyber hunting in recent years, but the practice has been banned in at least 25 states, the bulletin said, adding that officers should be aware of the existence of such devices. Here’s an Arduino controlled sentry for long pig..

7d8f12bbd610728.jpg 431x350 Web controlled shotguns combat feral hog infestation?

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Web-controlled shotguns combat feral hog infestation?