One in ten smartphone users suck up over 90 per cent of , according to a new study. Research from video management company Bytemobile also claims that 60 per cent of all mobile data in 2011 will be video. Data caps for UK users Networks are moving to introduce mobile data caps and limits on data tariffs, with T-Mobile recently slashing its data tariffs to 500MB from up to 3GB per month. Comparison website says that O2 and Vodafone are the UK networks that currently offer users the fastest 3G data speeds at 2.9Mb and 2.82Mb, respectively. Three is one of the only UK operators to have recently cut its data caps, in an attempt to appeal to those users that want unlimited data on their smartphones

ead9618f5d00 200.jpg 10% of mobile users to suck up 90% of data

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10% of mobile users to suck up 90% of data